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Privacy Notice - How We Use Your Medical Records

Important Information for Patients

    • This practice handles medical records in-line with laws on data protection and confidentiality
    • We share medical records with those who are involved in providing you with care and treatment
    • In some circumstances we will also share medical records for medical research; for example to find out more about why people get ill
    • We share information when the law requires us to do so; for example, to prevent infectious diseases from spreading or to check the care being provided to you is safe
    • You have the right to be given a copy of your medical record
    • You have the right to object to your medical records being shared with those who provide you with care
    • You have the right to object to your information being used for medical research and to plan health services
    • You have the right to have any mistakes corrected and to complain to the Information Commissioners Office
    • For more information on the above, please see our practice Privacy Notice in full, which is available at reception and on our website by clicking this link Fair Processing & Privacy Notice (full)

The Partnership is registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998. Registration number Z9940741. Our registration can be viewed on-line in the public register at

Eric Balki is the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Privacy Notice for children 

What is GDPR? 

The General Data Protection Regulation is new and it helps us to keep information about you safe.

We have always looked after your information safely but GDPR helps us check we are doing the best job we can.

Who looks after my information?

A person is called a ‘Data Controller’ if they look after your information 

Who uses my information?

A person who uses your information for their work is called a ‘Data Processor’

Consent – what’s that?

Consent is where you tell us that you are happy for us to use your data to care for you. If you are under 16, a parent must give your consent for you.

Can anyone see or use my information at the Doctors?

No, only someone who needs your data to care for you is allowed to see or use it. This can be the doctors, nurses or people who support the doctors and nurses in their work.

Do you share my information with anyone else?

We only share your information with other people who might need to care for you (like the hospital) without asking you first. 

If someone who isn’t responsible for your care asks for your information, we will ask your parent if it is ok to give it. An example of this might be when someone is organising an activity you would like to do and needs to check if you are well enough to do it.

Can I see the information you have about me?

If you are 13 years old or over, you can ask to see your information. Speak to a receptionist to arrange this.

If you still have a question, please ask the friendly receptionist who will do their best to help you.

Click on the following link for our notice in more detail

Childrens privacy notice 

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